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⚑ November 10, 2017

A few of my favorite baskets 🍭

A basket of string not too short to save.

A basket of string not too short to save. For short-string reference: Check out the memoir by Donald Hall, Poet Laureate 2006.

Truly, I don’t really have a favorite basket because I love them all. I’ve never met a basket, large or small, that I don’t like. I like the weaving and the handwork of them, of course, but most of all, I love that their only purpose in life is to hold things. If they have a convenient handle, so much the better. This particular basket holds string bits of a certain length, for instance. I lined it and trimmed the lining so no bits could hide in the corners or crevices. Very satisfying.

Three baskets for scraps.

Three baskets for sewing scraps.

By separating out my sewing remnants into tiny, small, medium, and large baskets, I never feel hesitant about cutting into some fabric for a project. Even if it fails, I will still have bits for my baskets. Since most of the time my sewing consists of mending, it’s fun to grab a piece that’s just the right size for a patch, knowing that any excess will go into progressively smaller baskets. The tiny one isn’t in this photo; it holds all the threads from machine-sewing and is nearer to the machine, which has starting making a worrying noise – a hammering sound as I sew. It’s always something, even in the best-organized sewing room in the world. πŸ”