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November 3, 2021

A Way Too Long 🥸

Bill and me, wearing our Hanukkah presents from Grandson Casey.

Bill and me, wearing our Hanukkah presents from Grandson Casey.

So now it’s time to start writing in here again. Nothing special to report; all things are good. Everything is going well. No worries at all. Just smooth, happy sailing. This is a generic paragraph, good at any time.

Maybe I was wrong; maybe I’m not ready.

The house is a mess. Sometimes I feel as if I can’t keep up – the shingles debacle took up a lot of energy. But it’s been almost a year now since the silly little rash began, and it’s been a long slog uphill since then. Shingles is crazy, and I’m hoping a nice shot of Shingrex will hurry it along. It’s a virus, after all, and now I know what it means to go viral. 🐔

March 10, 2021

Quotedium 🐔

He likes fringy things.

We have a really large mound of ice-snow outside our back door right now, even though the temperature is in the 60s. The 60s in March is a nice touch, even if only for a day. Still the ice mound persists, and we’ve been beating it with a shovel every day to see if it’s softening up, but it remains a hard shell with scattered bird seed all over it.

It has happened because we have a tarp on our slanted roof and the snow just slicked off of it in a big, life-ending thud after each of the several snowstorms we had last month. But the front of the house is almost all clear and sunny and the contrast couldn’t be any clearer. Depending on which door you’re going through … bleak and impassible in the back; wide open and sunny in the front. 🐔

May 25, 2020

King of the Couch 🧸

Harvey went outside today and walked belly deep into the pachysandra, keeping near to the house, always. He went out all by himself, because he’s not agoraphobic – he’s a cat.

Today I turned on Fox News to watch the end of the press conference as the cute new press secretary takes questions from the decimated press. They are muffled and their ranks are drastically thinned and Kayleigh is too cute to wear a mask. It is said she went to Harvard, but she dresses like a piece of hard candy with a crisp ruffle on her hip, and when she darkens the room with a noir slide, we’re in convention hell. With Powerpoint. From the Bully Pulpit. 🐔

April 4, 2020

One Month Inside 🏘

Stephen Colbert becomes a mere mortal. One of us.

Stephen Colbert becomes a mere mortal. One of us.

I’ve worked from home since 1983, when I got fired from my high-level post at an international corporation. I was the Publicity Director for a company, it turns out, that didn’t really want too much attention. Since that company still exists and the newsletter I started is still going strong, I’ll have to keep my conspiracy theories to myself and just report that I am lousy at office politics. I am perfectly suited to working alone.

Now everyone is working alone, wiping off invisible germs, and wondering if they’ll make payroll or meet their maker before this is over. Depending on when you started to isolate yourself, the world has been turning inside out for about a month now.

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March 24, 2020

Yesterday's Jam 🥫

Back in the days of wine and olives.

Back in the days of wine and olives.

Anyone who has seen The IT Crowd will smile warmly at today’s blog title, and it’s true as can be. I, myself, ended up with Sad Strawberries this morning, as well as cauliflower that was beginning to get little dots on it. Thus, Cream o’ Cauli soup is on today’s menu. I hope it’s not the last cauliflower I ever see.

I have placed two small orders on Amazon, and maybe because it’s all food items, the items won’t arrive at my mailbox until late, late next month. Where will we all be then?

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