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⚑ March 9, 2023

The Importance of Being Pretty πŸ‘°β€β™€οΈ

Maria is wearing white gloves to dinner.

Maria is wearing white gloves to dinner.

In the Dominion vs. Fox lawsuit, the salary of Maria Bartiromo is listed at $10 million per year, and no matter the small print, $10 million is a whole lot of money. Since she’s being accused, basically, of being really bad at her job, I can’t help but wonder how she came to earn so much money … and then I remembered my one and only image of Maria … which is indelible. She is wearing a bright red dress, low-cut and draped, and she remains forever as a luscious background for one of Donald Trump’s more memorable speeches.

That’s $5 million per smooth commodious bauble, and would she have earned as much if she had been wearing a dark suit and power scarf? I’ve written about this Helen-of-Troy phenomenon a few other times in this blog: once when John John and Carolyn were killed in a plane crash, and once when Sarah Palin was ascendant, and once when Melania wore a particularly fetching jacket that cost more than any boomer’s first house. The cultural Eye of Sauron scans the population looking for the pretty people it likes to eat for brunch, and there’s always someone new and tasty on the menu. πŸ”