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About Perforated Lines

A photo looking over the rooftops of Venice, CA, looking toward the ocean.

This blog began on a rooftop in Venice in June, 1999, in a state of panic. The first entry is here, and there is a huge gap that I’m slowly filling in between 2001 and 2012. My goal is to create a nice place where you can read something uplifting each and every day. Simple, really.

I also want to chronicle my family and work history for younger readers because otherwise, why am I here? I will try to make my stories funny, whenever possible, because to make someone laugh is very gratifying. Also, I love metaphors, tricky turns into pathos, and new words.

A page from one of my journals.

About Nancy Hayfield Duthie Birnes

A selfie from 2013.

I have been a professional writer since hot lead. I’ve worked on newspapers and newsletters, published many books and a magazine, and am raising a very nice family. πŸ”